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UK based Pedigree Bengal Cat Breeders since 2002

Bengal Cat Breeders in The UK since 2002

Puddywat have been Bengal Cat Breeders in the UK since 2002.

Based in our family home in Lincolnshire the Puddywat Bengal Cat breeding programme has consistently maintained a family of approximately half a dozen quality bengal cats, many of whom are prize winners.

Working with breeders across the globe our cats are happy and house trained. Living in quality clean kennels the cats are treated, as far as possible, as members of the family.

Please look at our own breeding cats below, view our kittens page, our facebook page or contact us for more information.

Brown Doughnut Rosetted Bengal Cat

CHA Rosettea Master Copy CHA Rosettea Master Copy

Champion Alter Rosettea Master Copy (or MC as he is known) is our absolutely outstanding Brown Rosetted Show neuter.

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Champion Ajooba Zarrina Champion Ajooba Zarrina

Champion Ajooba Zarrina or Rini to her friends, came to us from my good friend Babus Ahmed of Ajooba Cats in Birmingham UK.

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)

Rambo has come to us from Gogees Bengal's bred by Gene Ducote in Louisiana USA.

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Starglitter Barbarella Starglitter Barbarella

Starglitter Barbarella or Barbie as she is known is our new Queen for 2011. Barbie has recently joined us from Starglitter Cattery bred by Toni Meisberger in Texas USA.

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)

ZaharaBengals Monarch or Brutus as he is known and is our new stud for 2011. Brutus has recently joined us from Zahara Bengals bred by Christine Church in Canada.

F3 Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Majinyau Taro Naima of AffectionateMajinyau Taro Naima of Affectionate

Majinyau Taro Naima or Naima as she is known is our very special Foundation Queen. She is 3 generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat Taro.

Tri-Colour Brown Marble Bengal Cat

Affectionate Bobby DazzlerAffectionate Bobby Dazzler

GCA Bobby Dazzler (or Bobby as he is known) is our fantastic Tri-Colour Brown Marble Bengal Neuter Male. We just had to keep him, he’s gorgeous!

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