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Affectionate ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus) - Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)

ZaharaBengals Monarch or Brutus as he is known and is our new stud for 2011. Brutus has recently joined us from Zahara Bengals bred by Christine Church in Canada.

Special thanks to Christine for allowing Brutus to come live with us and doing a fantastic job in bringing him up.

Brutus is such a friendly confident love bug!  He demands attention and fuss. He is forever kneading and purring away, we just love him.

He adds much needed new bloodlines to my bengal cat family being completely unrelated to all our current breeding boys and girls.

Brutus's pelt is fantastically short and covered in golden glitter, the ground coat is colour of pale gold with non fading JET Black spotting some of which have rusty coloured centres - rosettes. 
He is a big boned and has a long leopard like body.

We cannot wait to see his first Babies which will be landing by the end of Summer 2011

Brutus entered the UK under the PETS Scheme and holds and current and up to date Pets Passport. 

ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)ZaharaBengals Monarch (Brutus)
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