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Affectionate CHA Rosettea Master Copy - Brown Doughnut Rosetted Bengal Cat

CHA Rosettea Master Copy

Champion Alter Rosettea Master Copy (or MC as he is known) is our absolutely outstanding Brown Rosetted Show neuter.

We originally brought him as a stud boy from my good friend Lisa Arvay from Canada. But sadly only one of his testicles descended, so we neutered him and kept him as a Show Pet instead!

His patten is reminiscent to that of an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). He is covered in paw print rosettes and has fantastic contest and has a lighten underside. MC has a superb temperament and is such a hug bug. He adores cat shows and insists on constant attention and we love it! He lives indoors with our Maine Coon neuter Ruskita Guinness and his 'sister' Rosettea Catwalk Diva our retired breeding girl.

CHA Rosettea Master Copy CHA Rosettea Master Copy CHA Rosettea Master Copy CHA Rosettea Master Copy
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