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Affectionate Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known) - Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)

Rambo has come to us from Gogees Bengal's bred by Gene Ducote in Louisiana USA.

Rambo has an excellent pedigree which includes RW SUP GR CH Gogees Warpaint, RW SUP GR CH Joykatz Ace Inda Hole of Eraser, CH Jumanji's Shining Jewel, CH Gogees Lika Margae and many more. Rambo has a good Bengal type; nice small/medium correctly set ears, great profile and beautiful short soft glittered coat.

His pelt is stunning; he is covered in paw print and arrowhead rosettes that are very distinct and clear, his pelt is short, slick and is totally unticked !! His pelt is glistening with glitter too! He has extreme contrast and we love it.

Thank-you Gene for this exceptional boy. I would like to thank Gene for keeping Rambo for the 6 months to be eligible to come into the UK under PETS. Photos courtesy of Robert Fox

Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)Rambeaux (or Rambo as he is known)
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