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Past Puddywat Champions

Puddywat has a long history of the finest breeding cats. Here is a list of some of our gorgeous prize winners:

Akerrs Affectionate MojoAkerrs Affectionate Mojo
Brown Doughnut Rosetted Bengal Cat (With us: 2007- March 2012).
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Affectionate Katinka Affectionate Katinka
Brown Marbled Bengal Cat (With us: 19 Oct 2003 Retired 2005).
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Amberwood Coco Chanel Amberwood Coco Chanel
Brown Doughnut Rosetted Spotted Bengal Cat (With us: 2007 - Jan 2012).
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Affectionate Ace VenturaAffectionate Ace Ventura
Brown Rosetted Bengal (With us: 16 September 08 - September 2010).
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Marmo Magnifico Marmo Magnifico
Blue Eyed Snow Marbled Bengal (With us: July 2008 to June 2009).
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Joey (Bambino Winterscharm)Joey (Bambino Winterscharm)
AOC Snow Spotted Bengal (With us: Jan 03 Retired June 2008).
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Junglebook CalipurrniaJunglebook Calipurrnia
F5 Brown Spotted Bengal (With us: Feb 2002 Retired: June 2008).
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Snow BallerinaSnow Ballerina
Blue Eyed Snow Marbled Bengal (With us: Retired in May 2007).
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Brown Rosetted Bengal (With us: Retired in August 2007).
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Gogees Rocco ArgentoGogees Rocco Argento
Silver Spotted Bengal (With us: Retired in July 2007).
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